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Susan joins first-ever CodeHouse conversation

A $1 million grant from was announced to support the nonprofit Codehouse Scholars Initiative.

Two years ago, Google software engineer Ernest Holmes launched CodeHouse, a nonprofit that works to combat the diversity gap in the technology industry. In mid-November, CodeHouse received a $1 million grant from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced the news at a fireside chat with Holmes and HBCU students.

The grant will help expand the CodeHouse Scholars Initiative over the next two years to HBCUs in North Carolina and Washington, D.C. The initiative provides HBCU freshman with scholarships, collegiate, and industry mentorship as well as programming to teach them about the necessary leadership and technical skills to succeed in the tech industry.

“We are very excited with all the work that you are doing,” Wojcicki told Holmes when she announced the grant. “It’s been so impressive to see how you’ve started this organization, been an entrepreneur, and made a difference.”

“It’s so exciting to hear. It’s crazy,” the Atlanta-based, Morehouse College graduate replied. “It’s been a two-year journey, and to be able to get to this point and be able to impact so many more students, thank you so much.”