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"Do Something" Good on YouTube

By Ramya Raghavan

Nonprofits & Activism

Young people today, often referred to as "the Millennial Generation," have been characterized as a group that is particularly passionate about giving back to their communities. That's why YouTube is excited to partner with Do Something on this year's "Do Something Awards," an annual competition that identifies exceptional young social entrepreneurs, activists, and community leaders who are changing the world.

Do Something has selected five finalists who have already made a significant impact in the fields of muscular dystrophy research, global poverty, HIV/AIDS awareness, voting enfranchisement, and education for refugees. All five of the inspirational young finalists will receive $10,000 for their cause, but only one will receive the Grand Prize of $100,000. And it's up to you, YouTube, to decide which cause deserves the money the most:

To learn more about the finalists and the issues they are passionate about, check out these video profiles:

Voting starts today on the Do Something YouTube channel and ends on June 4, when the winner will be announced at a live awards show and concert at the famous Apollo Theater in New York City. So get voting, and if you feel really inspired, do something to inspire change in your community.


Ramya Raghavan