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Site Update

By The YouTube Team

Greetings 'Tubers! Our engineers and product people have been very busy optimizing your experience here to be more intuitive, user-friendly, and more "breatheable" overall. Check out what they've been up to:

We've made searching for videos even easier! The search page now lets you choose how you want to display your results (just click on the "List View" and "Grid View" icons to the right of the "Sort By" options). Those sort links now also appear above the search results and the search bar has been moved to the center of the page.

Now you can see thumbnails of videos your fellow users are watching in real-time. In addition, the user message center now displays alert notifications for friend requests, new messages, video responses, and videos received to your account.

We've beta released a new version of our watch page! Major changes include: increased video player size, more videos from that user's channel are more easily accessible, and related videos are more prominently displayed. We also simplified the actions appearing underneath the video player and redesigned QuickLists. To check out the new watch page, just click on the 'try our new version' link showing to the right of the video you're watching. Your feedback is always important to us, so don't be shy and do let us know how you really feel about the new watch page. Please send any comments, suggestions or rants to:

The upload page has a completely new look and now also includes a super cool Google maplet, which allows you to indicate the exact location of where your video was taken (just click the "Date and Map Options"). You can also choose Sharing Options for comments, video responses, ratings and embedding during the actual upload process. Quick Capture and Upload have also been streamlined to share the same step 1 and confirmation pages.

Have you been wishing for an easy way to edit your videos without buying extra software or bugging your video-savvy friends to do it for you? The long awaited Adobe Remixer is finally live! Remixer allows you to edit your videos with text, audio, graphics, overlays, effects, and transitions…right here on YouTube (no fancy equipment required). Check out the new YouTube Remixer, available on TestTube, and you'll be an expert in no time.


The YouTube Team