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Political Platforms Launch in the U.K. and Spain

By Steve Grove

Head of News and Politics

This week, the You Choose '08 platform, our hub for American political content, gets made over for the United Kingdom and Spain. These new platforms include the official YouTube channels of the major political parties in those countries and allow you to interact with local politicians through video. U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has already gotten the conversation started:

In Spain, where federal elections are just over a month away, voters have the chance to ask the candidates questions on live television through a special partnership with RTVE, Spain's largest broadcaster. Much like in our CNN/YouTube debates, Spanish voters are submitting video questions for the candidates, who will then answer a handful of them in six live television interviews.

Citizens and candidates around the world are using YouTube for political expression, as we've seen recently in Kenya, Japan, Australia, and Myanmar. And as we continue to launch localized versions of our site, we will continue to build areas where you can learn more about your leaders and interact directly with them.

Steve G.