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A More Customized Local Experience on YouTube

By The YouTube Team

YouTube is dedicated to presenting original content uploaded by people from around the globe. Last year, when we launched local YouTube sites around the world, we were able to more fully appreciate the diversity of talent in our global community.

Not all French speakers live in France. Japanese entertainment extends far beyond Japan. We are thrilled to unveil a truly global experience on We've enhanced the site so you can pick a language and, separately, a local lens for the content. For example, you can view today's Featured Videos for Canada while navigating the site interface in French, U.K. English, or any of the other 15 offered translations. The language and local content selection links are found in the masthead, right next to the YouTube logo.

And with YouTube localized in 19 geographies and available in 15 languages including Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, there are 300 ways you can customize your international experience, making our site accessible to more people around the world -- even if you're a French-Canadian living in Italy and interested in what's popular in Korea. It is a small world after all.


The YouTube Team