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March 4th Madness

By Steve Grove

Head of News and Politics

The race for the White House continues today as Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont hold their presidential primaries. All eyes are on the Democratic primaries in Ohio and Texas as Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton face off for crucial votes that could determine which candidate gets the nomination. Will today's primaries seal the deal for Senator Obama, or will they signal the resurgence of Senator Clinton and push this contest all the way to the Democratic National Convention?

As usual, YouTubers from all over the country are weighing in on what's happening in Texas and Ohio.

And while the GOP nomination is all but locked up for John McCain, Mike Huckabee still has his share of supporters -- like the Pena family, who wrote a song reminding Texas voters not to give up on the former Arkansas governor just yet.

Finally, if you're confused about the Texas voting system, with its unique combination of caucuses and primaries, watch this video from WhyTuesday, which offers a helpful and entertaining explanation. And as always, check back to our You Choose '08 platform for election news and commentary from voters, candidates, and news organizations as today's primaries unfold.

Steve G.