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Join us on YouTube for Carnival in Brazil

By Flavia Simon

Head of Consumer Marketing, Brazil

Ever been to Carnival in Brazil? If you haven’t, you now have the chance to experience Brazil’s iconic celebration on the new YouTube Carnival channel via your computer or your mobile phone, from the streets of Salvador, Bahia, one of the largest cities in Brazil and carnival-rival only to sister-city, Rio de Janeiro.

The YouTube Carnival channel will offer live feeds to Salvador’s multi-day street fest from Thursday, March 3 to Thursday, March 8, or Fat Tuesday (literally, Mardi Gras). YouTube visitors worldwide will now be able to experience the music, dance and celebrations of Brazil’s Carnival (or Carnaval, as it’s referred to in Brazilian Portuguese).

As part of the transmission line-up, you’ll be able to:

  • Watch many of the city’s most popular carnival bands (called trio elétricos) including Ivete Sangalo and other Carnaval artists performing to the rhythms of African-influenced axé music in the midst of the enormous block parties unique to Salvador’s version of the Brazilian carnival;
  • Feel the energy of the celebration through street-site coverage from different parts of the city throughout the six-day festival;
  • Access video-clips of music, greatest hits, practices and performances from the festival uploaded to YouTube in high-definition.

Coming up on February 19, 2011

On Saturday, February 19 at 15:30 ET (18:30 Brasília time), get in the mood for the festivities by tuning in to a live transmission of the Carnival rehearsal of Ivete Sangalo, one of the most popular singers of the Brazilian Salvador festival.

Join YouTube in Salvador

Those who happen to be in the city of Salvador to experience Carnival in-person can do so at the YouTube camarote, one of the several cabins along the city’s main avenues offering refreshments, performances of local DJs and an environment designed to help participants enjoy the celebration. Find out how to buy a pass (also known as an abadas) directly at