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An Invitation to Video Your Vote

By YouTube News and Politics & Nonprofits

Less than four weeks from today, one of the most exciting presidential campaigns in history will come to head, and millions of voters from every state in the nation will set out for the polls to cast their ballots. On November 4, we invite you to document your experiences on Election Day and share them with the world here on YouTube. 

Today, in partnership with PBS, YouTube presents Video Your Vote, a project designed to shed light on voting in America and show democracy in action through the eyes of voters like you. Together, PBS and YouTube ask you to share videos of what you experience on Election Day. We're looking for perspectives from polling places across the country that chronicle the excitement and energy at the polls, as well as any problems that may arise -- like long lines or broken voting machines -- that could prevent citizens from exercising their right to vote. 

Hear more from Judy Woodruff of the News Hour with Jim Lehrer:

Some of the best videos uploaded to the Video Your Vote channel will be showcased on PBS throughout PBS's election coverage. Be sure to tag all of your election day videos with the tag "videoyourvote" -- and if you witness or encounter anything problematic at the polls that is hindering the voting process, also use the tag "pollproblem" so your video can be easily found. 

From now until Election Day, Video Your Vote will be your go-to destination to learn all about voting. Here you'll find interviews with the world's most knowledgeable election experts, in-depth reports on this year's election and elections past, and inspiring "Get Out the Vote" videos from some of YouTube's champions of democracy.

Ready to see democracy first-hand?

It's time to jump in and Video Your Vote.


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