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Closed account removal concludes today. You may see drop in subscription count.

By The YouTube Team

On Wednesday, we reminded you that we’ve been removing closed accounts from YouTube over the last several months, which has caused many of you to see decreases in your subscriber counts. We’re doing this because these accounts do not drive views to your channel.

Today, the last of these accounts will be removed, meaning you can expect to see additional decreases in your subscriber counts throughout the day. This will conclude the removal process, so starting tomorrow your subscriber counts will reflect actual changes in your subscriptions.

We also realize that the public subscriber count on your channels and that in Analytics have not been consistent. Moving forward, changes in your subscriber counts will be accurately reflected in YouTube Analytics, and Analytics will also show you newly closed accounts that have been removed:


You’ve worked hard to build loyal audiences, so we understand it’s jarring to have seen your subscriber counts decrease as we’ve removed closed accounts. It’s important that you have the most accurate data regarding your audience composition and engagement, which is why we’ve removed these accounts. Thank you for your patience throughout this process.