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Happy Halloween from YouTube (and Rob Zombie!)

By The YouTube Team

We were searching for the perfect person to wish you a Happy Halloween, and we thought: who better to fit that bill than notorious master of the heavy metal dark side and director of the recent reimagining of the classic Halloween film, Rob Zombie?

Here is his self-directed one-armed clip explaining some of the video tricks and treats that are unveiled today on our homepage, just for this spooky occasion.

Rob Zombie fans also have the opportunity to make their own scary movie. He wants you to make a video to the live version of "THUNDER KISS '65" from his new CD. Need a reason? The winners will be getting VIP tickets for LIFE and get to meet him in person. Find out how on Rob's YouTube channel.

And for those of you who don't just like to lurk, here is some encouragement and perhaps a few last-minute costume ideas for your own Halloween celebration "off-line".

Enjoy all the frightening displays of the holiday whether you are home watching scary movies or out reveling with the other creatures of the night.


The YouTube Team