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The Facebook Challenge: Day 14

By Ramya Raghavan

Nonprofits & Activism Manager

It's been two weeks since we started talking trash here about whooping some celebrity butt on Facebook. Nearly 140K of you have joined our group since the announcement. That's pretty good! But our celebrity foes' followings are growing alongside ours, and they've had fancy things like movie releases, awards show nominees and hot photos to help their fan pages keep pace with ours (or, truth be told, outpace ours -- Vin Diesel and Lady Gaga even widened their leads a bit).

No matter who wins the challenge -- YouTube or our celebrity "friends" -- we're going to spotlight nonprofit videos on our homepage; it's just a question of which charities get the love. So if we do reign supreme, which we could only do with your help, we'd turn the homepage Spotlight module over to you, allowing you to determine which causes or charities get featured that day via a poll in this blog and on our Facebook page. If we lose, the celebs (and their charities) win, and where's the fun in that?

Click here to join our Facebook group and -- just because we're feeling bullish -- leave a note below on the cause(s) you think most deserve a promotional boost.