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EDU Summer School, Session 6: Economics

By Mandy Albanese

Communications Associate

This week marks the last session of our summer series, but do not fret, all of the fascinating lectures and material we’ve surfaced for you over the weeks will still be available on YouTube EDU. In only six weeks, we’ve learned some interesting things about topics ranging from classical mechanics and differential equations to exploring drawing techniques and French history. While we’ve had fun pulling these videos together into topic playlists, we hope you take some time on your own to explore the vast array of educational videos on YouTube. Who knows, maybe you’re really an entomologist at heart!

Our parting gift is a handful of lectures about economics. But before we go, the answers to your final YouTube EDU quiz for summer 2010:

1) Worker bees and queen bees start life with the exact same genome, so what external factor distinguishes the queen bee from all others? the queen eats royal jelly
2) Dartmouth guest lecturer Terry Chapin has published nine books and over 300 papers that have been cited more than 27,000 times. What musical instrument does he play? fiddle
3) Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station tracks white sharks off the coast of California near what islands? Farallon Islands

Alright, get out there and enjoy the rest of your summer before it’s too late!