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DNC and RNC Convention Winners Announced!

By Steve Grove

Head of News and Politics

Back in July, Democratic and Republican National Convention Committees called upon YouTube users to answer the question: "Why are you a Republican (or a Democrat) in 2008?" Hundreds submitted, ten finalists were selected – and now, after tallying your votes, two winners have been chosen to attend this year's upcoming Democratic and Republican National Conventions and spend a day on the campaign trail with their party's candidate.

Rich Peters (username richprince78) has been selected as the winner of the DNC's Convention Contest, while Shawn Summers (username: jedimaster51090) has been selected as the winner of the RNC's Convention Contest.

In "Why I'm a Democrat in 2008," Peters goes through the list of reasons why he's supporting the Democrats and Barack Obama in the fall. Featuring clever green-screen effects and a catchy synthesized score, the video serves as a rousing endorsement of the DNC platform, from universal health care to withdrawing from Iraq. But perhaps the last line sums up his reasoning best: "I'm a Democrat because like so many of you, I love America…and I want my country back."

Meanwhile, in his video "Why I am a Republican," Summers uses a combination of dry humor and party pride to explain his reasons for supporting the Republican Party and John McCain. A freshman at Georgetown University, Summers argues that the core principles of the Republican Party are still the principles that should guide America — both now and in the future: "The Republican Party…stands poised to lead America and the changing world into a new global century. And Shawn Summer, along with millions of other Republicans…stands with them."

Peters and Summers have both won tickets to their party's respective conventions (in Denver and St. Paul, respectively), where their videos will be screened during the proceedings. They'll also spend a day on the campaign trail next week, in the press pool of their party's candidate... Stay tuned for the videos they'll upload there, which we'll feature here on YouTube.

Steve G.