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Chief Household Officer: Using new media know-how to run your family

By Karen Cahn

Head of Sales, YouTube Partners

Ask any working parent and they’ll tell you they have two jobs; the day-job, and the one that takes up all the other hours of the day - that of “Chief Household Officer.” Today's multi-tasking CHOs are full-blown owner/operators of their households, employing all the same methods as corporations—from programming the daily calendar to Tweeting the kids home for dinner, from running weekly budget meetings to implementing long-term financial strategies.

“Chief Household Officer” is a new series, produced by Howcast and brought to the web by HP, that takes you inside the real-life households of these remarkable working parents and focuses on the cutting-edge techniques and innovative technologies they use to keep their families running.

New videos will be updated weekly, so be sure to check in each week for useful how-to information from decisive CHOs who have made taking charge of their families and homes truly a 'growth industry.'