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Channel templates just got simpler and more flexible

By Stace Peterson

Software Engineer

To create a simpler and higher-impact experience for creators and viewers on YouTube, today we’re making two changes to channels. 

First, we’re merging the Creator and Network featured tab templates into the Everything template. By default your featured tab will look as it did before, but you will now have the option of showing both playlists and channels. This allows you to more easily feature your content and promote other channels at the same time. This update is happening automatically this week, and requires no changes from you.

These changes simplify creator choices and enhance the browsing experience for viewers. Try out the new templates and let us know what you think.

Second, we’re introducing a new template called Overview. The Overview template displays a featured video with “shelves” underneath. Shelves are groups of videos or playlists, such as Popular Uploads, Recent Uploads, and Likes. 

Content is automatically populated into shelves based on the shelf type; you don’t have to do anything. When your viewers click on a shelf title, they’re taken to a full page to browse that content type.