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‘As Seen On’ YouTube pages: celebrating content curators

By Kurt Wilms and Nathan Hunt

Product Manager, Software Engineer

Every day, you embed YouTube videos on blogs and sites across the web, often adding their own commentary and perspective. This sharing of videos helps to show the variety of great content on YouTube, and often adds context to what you’re watching. Today, with the launch of ‘As Seen On’ YouTube pages, we’re connecting those conversations around the web to deepen the connection to the YouTube videos you’re watching.

By crawling web feeds of sites that have embedded videos, we’ve built dedicated pages that highlight your embedded videos. This means that there is now a place on YouTube to find videos mentioned on your favorite blogs & sites. We think these pages provide a way to find new and interesting content while helping you dive deeper into the conversation around a video.

Starting today the ‘As Seen On’ links on our video pages will direct users to these pages to surface more content and commentary. As a blog or site owner, this is another way all that hard work you put into building your readership can pay off and generate even more traffic for your site. You might even get your site exposed to a whole new audience via people who encounter it for the first time on YouTube, so keep up the great work!