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YouTube FANalysts: Join the Squad

By Andrew Bangs

YouTube Sports

Hey sports fans,

Football season is in full swing, and over on our FANalysts channel our crew of sports experts are pontificating, debating and generally FANalyzing every aspect of NFL info for your edification and entertainment. If you're a serious fantasy football owner, you're contemplating player moves to give your team an edge week-to-week, and our FANalysts can provide that strategic mindset or piece of advice that could make all the difference.

If you think you've got the sports-commentator skills and expert pedigree to be a YouTube FANalyst yourself, submit up to five original videos of yourself providing original football and fantasy football opinion to Circuit City's Join The Squad Contest. The winner will be selected by community voting and will become a regular contributor to the FANalysts channel.

Your own passion, originality and creativity is key, but to get a sense of the level of insight you'll need to be a FANalyst, here's the latest video from Shango the Stonethrower:

The last day to submit is Sunday, September 21st, so fire up those cameras and let the FANalyzing commence!


Andrew B.