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Trendspotting Tuesday: Reality Shows, Roasted

By The YouTube Team

This Trendspotting Tuesday, let's put a dozen reality show parodies in a room together, sit back and watch what happens.

Unscripted television has been around since the days of Candid Camera and The Gong Show. But when we think of reality TV, many would agree that MTV's The Real World kicked off the genre we know and love today -- one filled with competitiveness, conflict and culture clashes. These days, The Real World might be mostly known for hotties, hot tubs and hookups, but comedian Kyle Cease has captured the utterly obnoxious roommate vibe that true reality junkies relish.

Since then, the reality world has grown to include would-be top models, countless make-over shows and fashion runway train wrecks. And as you'll see in this video playlist, the reality genre is ripe with cliches that make for perfect parodies. Like the peeps of "Project Peepway", reality shows are something of a guilty pleasure. Sometimes we're laughing with them. But today, thanks to some YouTube comedy talent, we're laughing at them:

If you enjoyed that buffet platter of slightly-skewed reality, check out our Trendspotting Tuesday channel, where you can find playlists spotlighting other quirky slices of life, creativity and reality -- the real kind -- on YouTube.

The YouTube Team