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Staff Picks of the Week

By YouTube Programming Team


I'm in love. As usual, I was browsing the site trying to source videos and channels for my different editorial areas. I was having some trouble finding content that really stuck out. I guess the saying is that you need to "go through the thorns to get to the roses." It was then I happened upon a channel that made me smile, laugh, and send the link to all my friends and co-workers. I instantly fell head over heels. The object of my affection is... faintstarlite. I don't think I've experienced such earnestness protruding from someone. Her smile and voice draw you in and make you feel an instant connection. I think she could talk about the different ways to cook a potato and it would still pique my interest. The subject here is an argument I've had with my friends plenty of times. As a deep thinker, I continually ask myself these "life questions," and I appreciate her perspective. Please enjoy this video and let it lead you to discover more of her commentary; it really is great stuff. In the end, I still lean towards ignorance is bliss, especially because Miss Faintstarlite has a boyfriend! :-)

Weird? Odd? Strange? Genius. I've been listening to The Knife for a while now, and I love them more and more. The way this Swedish sibling duo layers beats never disappoints -- a little electro mixed with...who the hell knows. All I know is that it makes me want to dance. Whenever I really like a group I'm always worried about their video. Will it be as good as the song? Will it bring out another theme I never thought of? Will the visuals push the envelope the same way the music does? Usually, and unfortunately, the answer is no. But in this case the answer is yes. The "We Share Our Mother's Health" video is just as addictive, mysterious and fun as the song. But my favorite aspect of this video? The fact that my mother found this on my channel and told me that she really liked it. Yes, that's right, my mother. So that either makes her the coolest mother in the world or this the coolest video. Truthfully (even though I love this video), I think it's the former.


Nalts might have way more subscribers and videos, but let’s not forget his other half, WifeofNalts. She’s sassy, spunky, expertly coiffed, and has a sense of humor that rivals her husband’s. I just love how vlogging is a family affair in the Nalty household and how they make raising four kids actually look fun. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to tell her happy 40th!