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Holiday Food & Music Ideas

By Sadia Harper

YouTube Howto & Style

There's just a few days left to complete your shopping or make a gift; now it's time to think about the actual feast and festivities. So put aside silly notions of calories (that's for later) and dig into these recipes for Christmas pudding, hot winter soup, "cookie bark" (huh?), and a whole lot more:

Once the pots have been washed and it's time to kick back and finally relax, don't settle for the same ol' holiday tunes. Embrace the DIY spirit and play your own. These videos will teach you how to do just that on instruments like the guitar, harmonica, and piano:

We're going to sign off for a few days to spend time with friends and family – and to try out some of Todd Oldham's favorite user-generated gift-making videos- but we'll be back before the ball drops.

Have a good one,
Sadia H. aka Sublinx