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Happy New Year! + Best of 2006

By Mia

The YouTube Team

Wow. What a year 2006 was, eh? For us at YouTube, it exceeded our wildest dreams. I don’t think anyone could have predicted that the year would end with a Time magazine cover that celebrated exactly why the site is so successful: you! We got to know you through your videos (what else!) and some of them stayed with us all yearlong.

Because I love lists and firmly believe that no year is complete without reflecting on (and savoring) those moments of pure delight, I took an informal poll among YouTube staffers to find out which videos were their favorites in 2006. Here are the highly subjective results, in no particular order, in general and music flavors.

Best of 2006

Best of 2006 – Music Edition

So what were your favorite YouTube videos of 2006? Send us your playlists and we'll feature a few here, and then start collecting your votes for 2007!

Happily hangover free,