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Here are the AdBlitz winners for Super Bowl LVII!

You tuned in, we gathered up the numbers. This year's AdBlitz winners are...

From start to finish, Super Bowl LVII kept viewers engaged! From the plays, to the halftime show, to the ads — the world was tuned in! And in the end, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs took home the Lombardi trophy after defeating the Philadelphia Eagles. Rihanna and her bump stole our hearts! And on YouTube, brands including Rakuten, T-Mobile and made the top 10 on AdBlitz, our hub for Super Bowl ads and teasers.

When it came to these Big Game ads, you, the viewers, were locked in weeks before kickoff, during the game, and in the days following Mama Kelce’s appearance on Kansas City’s parade bus! According to Google data, views of Super Bowl ads on YouTube during the game this year rose over 90% on TV screens compared to 2022. Pixability, YouTube’s video advertising insights partner, has verified the top ads that you watched, loved and shared the most since the annual program opened on January 17, 2023 12:00 am ET.

This year, the musical Melissa McCarthy’s “Somewhere, Anywhere” ad inspired over 108M of you to embrace wanderlust. The in-game spot picked up the most views on YouTube the day of the Super Bowl. And now there is only one degree between us and K(EV)in Bacon thanks to Hyundai USA’s top ad “Kevin Bacon goes full dad mode…” topping this year’s list. The humorous spot featuring the actor showing off his new electric vehicle to his daughter racked up over 136M views even though it did not air during the Super Bowl — showing the reach and impact of advertising on YouTube during these major moments.

Check out the full list of 2023 AdBlitz champions -which feature both in-game and digital-first advertisers — listed below alphabetically, featuring the top ten commercials based on your views as of February 22 12:01 am ET:

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