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Meet Alive4fashion, one of our NextUp Europe 2012 Winners

Von Vasiliki Kanistra

YouTube Partner Operations

We always try to find new ways to help our creators grow on YouTube. The YouTube NextUp is a program that help our creators succeed in YouTube by sharing their knowledge and expertise with each other, collaborate in many creative ways and create great quality content. This year, we selected 25 Winners across 8 European countries, and a few weeks ago, we held the NextUp Creator Camp in the YouTube Space London! Today, we’re looking at one of our German NextUp winners success story and share their tips and best practices. 


Please tell us a bit about yourself. What is your name, your channel name? Where are you from, your fanbase? 

Hey, my name is Elisa and my channel is called 'alive4fashion'. I'm living in Berlin, Germany and most of my viewers are also german, 'cause my videos are in german.


Please explain your channel. What's the story behind your channel? How did you come up with your channel concept?

With 'alive4fashion' I try to bring fashion closer to the people. I don't wanna force them to buy things or show what I bought. I just want them to have fun with fashion kind of things. That's why I'm doing lots of DIY's and wearable tips and no hauls. I want to show my audience that it's fun to do things on your own.

YouTube Partnership:

Please share your experience of being a YouTube partner. How has being a YouTube partner helped/changed your business and personal life? Were there any surprises? What are your plans for the future of your channel and YouTube partnership?

Being a YouTube partner really changed my point of view on YouTube. When I became a partner, I had the feeling that my work finally has more value. I'm glad to be a partner and getting all the support from YouTube 'cause now I've got the chance to put even more work into my videos and make better content for my viewers. In the future I want to be more experimental with my Videos and try out new things.


How do you define success? How did you become successful on YouTube? What were your goals for your channel, and how did you achieve them? What would you recommend to newbie partners to be successful on YouTube?

Success is being happy with what you're doing. YouTube offers me the chance to do whatever I want. And I put all my creativity in that. I never had real goals with my channel. I just want to surprise my viewers and I think they like what I'm doing. And for newbie partners: always be true to yourself.